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Chicago, IL
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June 15-17, 2012
2012 BraunAbilty Premier Cup

All People's Life Center
6105 East Sligh Ave. Tampa, FL 33617

June 21-23, 2012
2012 Power Soccer Shop Presidents Cup

Colin Powell Center
2924 4th Avenue S.
Minneapolis, MN 55408

July 13-15, 2012
2012 Champions Cup

Ft. Wayne, IN


In the News

Wheelchair soccer players host Florence clinic
The huge ball shot forth as if from a cannon and pummeled surfaces with thunderous force, making the newbies wince and the long-timers grin.
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Utah wheelchair soccer league offers an escape
Sounds of zooming and clicking filled the air as 10 soccer players in their power wheelchairs sped across the basketball court, moving a soccer ball toward the goal.
Read the full story from the Salt Lake Tribune


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Dominic Russo, USPSA PresidentPresident's Letter

Dear Members and Friends of the USPSA,

The Cups hosts are poised and the players are ready. It's time to compete for the Cup! Over the next few weeks the Conference Cup competitions will determine the best in the conferences and another great season will come to an exciting end. Play hard, have fun, and enjoy the ride of competition and camaraderie that power soccer brings.

This will be my last letter as president. Over the past six years we have grown so much and during that time, Karen and I have also learned a lot. It has been an honor to represent all of you and lead this great sport to where it is today. Together with our fellow board members and committees, we accomplished a lot. We showed the world, through two World Cup, victories! The sport may have been created elsewhere, but the US is the team to beat. Both conference and non-conference competition played 767 games this season. This is a record high! Our communication to the membership has also improved with this newsletter as a glowing example. Thank you Tony Jackson. The image we created is professional and recognized by US Soccer and the disabled sports community both nationally and abroad. I think we have the best competition system anywhere, which encourages teams to play. We have growth in the Northeast, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and interest in New York and New Jersey. Leagues have started to develop for organized league day events. There are many more examples than I can include in this newsletter.

Our sport is viewed by others with admiration and envy, so don't let this sport become like the other sports. This sport can stand on its own and be special and lead the way into the future. We have a solid foundation to build towards the future. There are still thousands of power wheelchair users who we have not touched. This sport will continue to grow if you get involved and share your ideas and time. Please be involved in the sport and follow the progress and decisions moving forward so this sport stays current and growing.

Both Karen and I are proud to have been a part of developing the sport to where it is today, but it is time to step aside and allow an opportunity for others to lead. We will not stray far and will continue to be involved in the sport.

Thank you very much for your support.

All the best,

Dominic Russo

2012 Northeast Tour A Complete Success

A crew of representatives from the USPSA including Jerry Frick, Karen Russo and Team USA athletes Michael Archer and JC Russo concluded a 14-day tour of the Northeast, conducting clinics throughout the region. The event began with a three-day convention at the Abilities Expo in New Jersey and then on to meet potential athletes. Thank you to the clinic hosts in each city for your efforts in organizing these clinics. We could not have done this without you! A huge thank you to the many volunteers that came out to help with the day, in particular the PDA Soccer Club of New Jersey, ATG Rehab and the members of the Life Center Church! It was great to have a cheering squad! Every clinic was unique and built a great foundation to now start a power soccer team!

northeast clinic 181

Some other highlights were meeting up with the Founder and Organizer of Kicks-4-A-Cause, a 12-year-old young man who has been raising money for USPSA for about two years and lives in the Long Island, NY area. He and his family came out to experience a power soccer clinic and we were able to recognize him for the great efforts he is making to our sport. Thank you to both him and his brother for volunteering their evening!

northeast clinic 182

We also met up with about 100 kids and staff at the Passaic County Elks Cerebral Palsy School. They definitely had lots of spirit and enjoyed meeting JC and Michael. They were especially fond of Michael spinning his chair!

With eight clinics behind us, we are anxious and excited to see the new growth in the Northeast! Good luck to all participants as you begin your journey into the world of power soccer!


USPSA is Seeking Fundraising Ideas

We are in search of absolutely fantastic fundraising ideas. Able-bodied sports teams have many fundraising choices - jog-a-thons, golf tournaments, tennis tournaments, etc. We are in a unique class. Our athletes, parents, and sponsors have to get creative with the variety of fundraising opportunities available.

We want to know what works / has worked / will work for you! What have you done in the past to raise money? What are you trying now? What are you thinking about in the future? How much money have you raised? Was what you raised appropriate to the amount of effort/time you put into it? What was involved in carrying out this fundraiser? Community support? Commercial support? If your fundraiser involved games of chance (Bingo, Poker), what state documentation was involved? If you served alcohol, how was that handled?

We also want to know what didn't work for you? Why didn't it work? What could you have done differently to make it work better?

Right now a lot of us are involved in Conference Cup preparations, so we know you are busy. So after your festivities are past, please send your ideas, suggestions, and comments to nancyrm [at] mac [dot] com, and let me know how you fundraise. We plan to combine all your ideas to put on the web site for EVERYONE to see how absolutely fantastic your ideas are. Then other teams can be just as fantastic as you are.

Thank you from the bottom of my little pot of gold!

Nancy Mitchell
USPSA Treasurer 

braunability premier cup

The BraunAbility Premier Cup is just a few days away! BraunAbility and RideAway will showcase their vans at the tournament this weekend. If your in the area, please stop by and see what is new in accessible vehicles and driving systems.

June 15-17, 2012
All People's Life Center
6105 East Sligh Ave
Tampa, Florida 33617

BraunAbility is the world's leading manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vehicles and wheelchair lifts. The company was founded by Ralph Braun, a wheelchair user himself, who knows from experience the importance of mobility and freedom. BraunAbility is celebrating 40 years of providing safe, reliable, and innovative mobility solutions for individuals with disabilities. We at the USPSA are proud to have them supporting power soccer and look forward to the future!  

pres cup

The Minnesota power soccer families, Courage Center & Power Soccer Shop are just 8 days away from hosting this years Power Soccer Presidents Cup, If you are in the area, please stop by and check out these exciting games.

June 21-23, 2012
2012 Power Soccer Shop Presidents Cup
Colin Powell Center
2924 4th Avenue S.
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Power Soccer Shop will also be showcasing the new Strike Force power soccer chair which will be available for test driving at our vendor site! Look for it on the court as several athletes play their competitive game in it and ask them about their chair performance & why they upgraded! 

Team USA Championship Apparel

team usa championship tshirt blackteam usa championship tshirt youth blue

Team USA championship apparel is available for purchase! Own a part of Power Soccer history and show support for the first US Soccer squad to win back-to-back world championships! The jackets and sweatshirts are currently available on pre-order. Orders must be placed by February 17th. Further availability for the outerwear after February 17th will be announced at a later date.

Youth, women's and men's apparel available in most items

Visit our USPSA League Store to get your gear today!



Available now! The USPSA Training DVD is now available on the USPSA Website at the League store. This instructional DVD displays various entry and mid level drills, a variety of kicks, plays, and ideas for training. This is an ideal tool for new teams and teams that have looking for some new ideas on practice drills. Thank you to ATG Rehab for underwriting this project!

BUY NOW at the USPSA League store for only $15 (price includes S & H)!
*Please contact USPSA directly for international orders


USPSA on YouTube

In a concerted effort to bring relevant video to people searching out information on the internet about power soccer and the USPSA, we are introducing a You-Tube page specific to the USPSA.

If you have power soccer videos (games, clinics, etc.) that you have taken at a recent USPSA event, or you are interested in video taping upcoming events and helping with this project, please contact Tony Jackson at: azpowersoccer [at] gmail [dot] com